Ohiopyle, PA // Weekend Adventure!


Jonathan and I love going camping and exploring new places together.  As a wedding photographer available weekends are slim, but we try our hardest to make the most of them!  Last weekend there was no wedding on the schedule, so we visited Ohiopyle State Park!

It only takes one white water river trip to turn you into a river running junkie! The Youghiogheny River, which runs through Ohiopyle State Park, has class V rapids with some of the steepest descents on the East Coast.  We spent Friday paddling rapids on the foggy Yough River!  Unfortunately, my camera had to stay in the car as to not get wet.  I highly recommend Ohiopyle Trading Post if you’re looking to run the river.  The rest of the weekend we spent hiking to different waterfalls, biking the Great Allegheny Passage and eating WAY too much ice cream! We fell in love with this park and can only encourage you to visit it for yourself!

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Camp coffee is the best coffee!  This pour over is designed for backpacking and is such a lifesaver!!madelinejanephotography_1301 madelinejanephotography_1302 madelinejanephotography_1303 madelinejanephotography_1304 madelinejanephotography_1305


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