Harmons, Jamaica

Last week I was blessed with an opportunity to visit Harmons, Jamaica with my mom.  I volunteered in this community for most of 2013 and all of my family has visited with the exception of my mom!  Being able to introduce her to SO many Jamaicans, whom I absolutely adore, is something I will always cherish.   These Jamaicans, unknowingly, taught me invaluable lessons about what community, contentment and loving one another truly looks like.  They joyfully welcomed me into their homes for meals when they already had too many mouths to feed and were eager to teach me about their culture, language and how to cook their incredible food.  Since my time in Jamaica in 2013, I look at life completely different and strive to mirror the characteristics and lessons learned from the people of Harmons.


Jonathan and I sponsor this beautiful little girl Melia so that she can go to school each month.  I spent half the day with her and her cousins playing games on the veranda!Last week a team of 50 Americans served together to build two homes for families in need!  Watching them hand over the keys is one of my favorite parts of the week!

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