Eleven Engagement Session Tips You Need to Know!


Engagement season is in full swing, so let’s talk about how to prepare for your session with me! These engagement session tips and tricks will answer some of your questions and hopefully get you even more excited about your session!

1. Don’t overthink this! You’re in great hands! It’s totally normal to feel a little nervous. In most cases this is the first time you’ve had professional photos taken with your significant other. I promise you; by the end of your session you’ll be having so much fun that you can’t believe our time together is up!

2. Most of my couples have two outfits, one dressy and one a little more casual. If you have more than two just remember that changing clothes will cut into our picture taking time. You’ll have more variety in your images, but less portraits overall.

3. I always recommend starting with the dressier outfit first, that way your nice clothes aren’t getting wrinkled in a bag!

4. Your outfits should compliment one another and not match perfectly. Wearing the same colors is ok, but they should be a few shades lighter or darker than your Fiancé’s.

5. This may sound like a no-brainer, but wear clothes that fit you well and make you feel confident and beautiful! If you’re constantly worrying about your clothes it will show in your images.

6. Little tiny patterns don’t always photograph the best. If stripes or plaid are your favorite that’s no problem! Just consider wearing a bigger, wider pattern.

7. Embrace your style! If your dressy outfit a long maxi dress with your favorite wedges and his is a fitted v-neck with black jeans that’s absolutely perfect!

8. Remember to accessorize! Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite scarf, statement jewelry or even wide brim hat! It’s a great way to add variety to your portraits without completely changing outfits.

9. Extra props or details are always welcome! Have you dreamed about a sunrise session with a long flowing skirt and a floral crown? Let’s do it!! Do you have a tandem bike or antique car? Make this session all about you two and what you LOVE doing together. I’m always up for something different!

10. Ladies, consider getting your hair and makeup done. If you LOVE doing your hair and makeup then go for it, but if you’re like me and have no idea where to start with a Naked palette you might want to consider having it professionally done. It will make a big difference in your photos and how many times in your life do you have a good excuse to get pampered?!

11.  Clean your engagement ring!  While you’re changing outfits I’ll get some beautiful close ups of the incredible ring your man picked out and you don’t want it to be dirty!

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