We’re Expecting!


If you’ve visited any of my social media accounts lately you’ll have noticed that we’re expecting a little girl!  In fact, baby Peace will be here in just under 6 weeks! Que the panic! It’s amazing how fast and slow 9 months can go.  I never though the first trimester would end and whoever coined the term morning sickness is cruel, because mine lasted all day! I’ve had a relatively smooth pregnancy so far, but I’m really looking forward to meeting this little one!  I’d like to say that we have everything ready, but I’m not sure you’re ever really prepared for the change that comes when welcoming a newborn.  We sure are excited though!

Last weekend my sweet friend Brittany from lawrence & grace braved the chilling temperatures to document this time in our lives!  To be honest, I was on the fence about this portrait session because pregnancy hasn’t made me feel glowing and gorgeous like it does for some other women.  I can’t say I’ve really felt like myself throughout this entire journey, but it truly is amazing to think about the little life we’re creating.  I’m so thankful that Jonathan encouraged me to take these portraits because I already cherish them!  A huge thank you to Pavement in Lawrenceville for helping this momma find a dress when you aren’t at all a maternity shop!


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  • Sandra
    January 10, 2018

    Beautiful! Congratulations 😀