The Legacy of a Paper Print


Maybe as a photographer I have an irrational attachment to photographs, but if my house were burning to the ground I would grab my box of photos without hesitation.  It’s impossible for me to put a value on my paper prints.  Even with all of today’s modern technology, I still print our photographs because technology changes, files corrupt and hard drives fail.  That messy box of old photographs will stand the test of time.  They truly are priceless in my eyes!

I think of Jack and Janie’s, my grandparents, black and white wedding portraits with Papa’s beautiful cursive on the back.  To me those photos represent so much more than a wedding portrait.  They mark day one of an incredible family with 5 children, 14 grandchildren and now 2 great grandchildren!  I see the excitement in their eyes of a young couple with big dreams and a love for one another that’s one in a million.  I see a strong resilient woman with a heart of gold who continues to be a role model long after she’s gone.  I see a hometown entrepreneur adored by his community and always guaranteed to make you laugh. Their love for one another is so evident and I can only hope that our children see the same thing in our wedding portraits.  The legacy of love portrayed in those images simply can’t be replaced.

Do you think that photographer 65 years ago had any idea how much I would cherish their prints?  Probably not, but I’m so thankful he preserved the beginning of such a beautiful life together.   Those portraits hang on my wall along with Jonathan’s grandparents and both our parents as an example of love and a reminder of where it all started!




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