Butler Engagement // Sam & Maggie


I can’t believe my little sister is engaged!  Maggie and Sam met in 2009 at Seneca Hills Bible Camp.  This is also where they fell for each other… the first time.  In 2010, they shared their first kiss in the camp chapel, scandalous right?!  They’re planning to get married in that very same chapel, which makes up for it I suppose.  Even though they didn’t stay together after that summer, they remained great friends over the years.  Some say Sam had been in love with Maggie since they dated as kids, and he won’t deny that.  Maggie decided to visit Sam in Germany at the end of 2014.  She claims they were no more than friends, but us sisters were all skeptical!  Without surprise to her family, Maggie came back from Germany with feelings for Sam! They dated long distance for the next year and while she was planning to surprise Sam in Germany last Christmas he was planning a romantic proposal in a German castle. It’s a sweet story and I couldn’t be happier for them both!  Our Dad sure is happy to welcome another man into the family!


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